Top 21 Skateboarding Brands in 2022

The most popular brands for Skateboarding Includes Santa Cruz, Plan B, Flip, Renner, Blind, Alien Workshop, Blank, Sector 9, Darkstar, Toy Machine among many others.


Santa Cruz

Popular Brand

Santa Cruz is an e-commerce platform where they have listed their hotels, restaurants, events, and services. The in-house restaurant follows the organic and farm-to-table trends and serves Mexican, Chinese, seafood, bbq, and vegan food; It includes hotels with spectacular seaside views for family holidays, romantic retreats, and business excursions. These hotels are close to the ocean, with prominent surfing areas and the Santa Cruz beach boardwalk.


Plan B

Popular Brand

Planners are the perfect instrument to keep yourself organized and note the essential things. Plan B provides smartly made planners for various purposes and professions. With Plan B, you can purchase a teacher planner, pregnancy planner, and other accessories like stickers and pouches. The colorful yet professional-looking products provide a perfect outlet to schedule and keep track of critical events. The products have high-quality and soft pages. The company delivers beautiful items at reasonable costs.



Popular Brand

Flip And Tumble is a female-owned company and manufacturer of all types of bags that are not only stylish but also reusable. They have tote bags, shopping bags, travel bags, backpacks, cross body bags, etc. Their bags are meant to last, and they don't ever compromise on quality to make sure each product is environmentally friendly. Their bags have replaced about 19 million plastic bags, and they will keep making innovative and sustainable products.



Best Brand


Best Brand

The greatest place to buy a skateboard online is Blind Skateboards. Thanks to the brand, riders of all ages and skill levels can discover their needs without breaking the bank. Decks, trucks, wheels, and clothes for men, women, and children are available. They provide the largest collection of skateboards, decks, trucks, wheels, and other skateboarding accessories. If you're seeking anything specific, they can assist you in locating it. The client service experts at Blind will help you find any details you desire.


Alien Workshop

Best Brand

Skating is fun until the right choice of skates has been made. Alien Workshop is a brand that has come into the market a few years ago with zeal and innovative designs. This brand is focused and creative with its design and functioning parts. It has been serving its skateboards globally by associating with companies in different parts of the world. They take care of the flexibility in size and unique designs. The professionals working for this brand are fewer in number but effective in creating the best products.



Best Brand

Blank is an e-commerce firm that sells more extraordinary, low-cost bicycles. They sell everything from ordinary bikes to mountain bikes and even electric bikes. The best thing is that they offer excellent value for money. The primary focus is straightforward: efficient operations, best-in-class technology, and a customer-centric attitude. It has developed swiftly since its beginning, and it is now one of the country's fastest-growing e-commerce platforms. A lifetime warranty backs them to assure the top levels of durability and quality.


Sector 9

Best Brand

A group of friends used to hang out in a La Jolla backyard in 1993. A friend used to call the group 9balls and their hangout spot Sector 9. The gang needed a logo for some replacement skateboard boards when they decided that Sector 9 sounded catchy. And so, the name stuck. The basis of the company is to realize the raw feeling of skateboarding into their products, which they did successfully.



Exotic leather is worth a luxury, which is what a brand, Dark Star Leather, ensures to its customers. It believes that leather is an art itself. One can perform creativity and artistry on exotic leather. They design and create several exclusive products such as belts, briefcases, handbags, and many accessories. The skins of various animals like lizards, alligators, snakes, and many more are responsible for developing a wide range of leather. They focus on the details and craft over a workpiece and sell that at a reasonable price.


Toy Machine

Toy Machine is one of the leading manufacturers of children's clothing and accessories that promise high quality and durability. Combining the latest fashions and trends in clothing with classic pieces and traditional designs, their products reflect the changing times and customers' requirements. They are dedicated as a company to providing optimum customer service and support. Their products have been created with the most comfortable fabrics and have been stitched with care and precision.



Dogtown X Suicidal is a skateboard manufacturing company that designs and creates authentic skateboards with eccentric designs. Muir brothers, the founders of this brand, turned a dark period in their lives into an uber-successful business. They also sell clothes, headwear, grip tape, and accessories in their iconic designs, which make you look cool and edgy. Their skateboards are of sturdy build, durable and safe to provide their customers with excellent grip and support while skating.





Enoji is a skateboarding rand that manufactures clothing and skateboarding accessories. They have made their mark by creating satirical designs, and their logo, a stylized panda, is well known. The company was set up in 2000 by a professional skateboarder, Marc Johnson, with support from his former teammate. The logo and the brand name were inspired by one of Johnson’s odd dreams. Today, the company is known for producing quality goods.



Birdhouse is a renounced brand that deals with creating and supplying skateboards in various designs and patterns. This brand came into the market long ago. Soon after the start of this brand, people started vouching for it. And that is due to the quality products and services this brand gave its customers. They have the most dedicated and hardworking team of professionals working on each design and piece of work. Skaters especially enjoy riding this brand’s skates. People found it accessible at ease and affordable price.


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Zoo York

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